Experimental Photography


Experimental Photography

When you’re experimenting you have to try so many things before you choose what you want, and you may go days getting nothing but exhaustion. But it is only through failure and through experiment that we learn and grow. My interest in photography is not to capture an image I see or even have in my mind, but to explore the potential of moments I can only begin to imagine. Here are some shots that reflect that.

A Cone of Wellness

Magic happens on mundane days. It happens when you least expect it. It brings a spark to our drab and monotonous days!

This shot was taken during one such day. I was in a creative rut and was mindlessly looking at the pathway of the housing society I live in when I noticed some wildflowers that had grown in the cracks of the pathway. I went there, plucked a few flowers, wrapped them in a withered leaf, and pointed it to the sky. The light was just perfect and I snapped this shot. And just like that, the day was no longer mundane. I ended up doing a one-hour shoot using these flowers.

A Game of Shadows Light Darkness

They say find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides. This shot is an attempt to uncover the value books provide even when one isn’t reading them. They served as a perfect prop to catch what the shadows had to say.

Imagine, for just a moment, a world where no one cared what car you drove, what designer handbag you carried, or what job you worked at. Can you sense the freedom? But this isn’t reality, because we do care. And because we care we’ve developed habitual masks to please and impress others. We are trapped in shackles of the modern society.

One of our greatest fears is that if we show our true selves, the world will say, “Oh, it’s just you.” But being just you is actually the best and most perfect thing you could ever be. With these shots I wanted to drive home the point that we’re perfectly imperfect and also hint the relief we get when we shed the masks. Our imperfections make us human, unique and relatable. 

The Masks That We Wear

Infernal Loneliness

Now-a-days the Internet is governed more by fear: the fear of unpopularity and uncoolness, the fear of missing out, the fear of being flamed or forgotten. What happens in the virtual world, where beauty exists for the purpose of being hated and besmirched, has become more compelling than what happens in the real world, where beauty seems to have no purpose at all. Don’t fall in this trap.

Be the true, unapologetic “you”.

This shot is a representation of psychological invisibility. It is a visual representation of times where you had an incredible presence, but there was a way in which you were sometimes seen and not seen at the same time. This shot can also be considered as a representation of infernal loneliness. Being lonely and being alone are completely different. You can be sitting alone in your room and feel not lonely but you can also be surrounded by a number of friends, and continuously find yourself being lonely.

Self Portraits

I did a set on self-consciously and self-critically exploring my relationship with the medium in which I portray myself, photography. I’ve penned down my thoughts in the form of a photo-essay.

I hope you had a visual treat.

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Have a wonderful day ahead. Ciao!

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