Unintentionally Intentional


Unintentionally Intentional

Embracing the Wes Anderson aesthetic

Wes Anderson is renowned for his distinctive style, meticulous compositions, and vibrant color palettes. Within this new collection of photographs, we delve into the realm of “accidentally Wes Anderson” – a fusion of homage and originality.

These images (I hope) evoke a sense of nostalgia, peculiar charm, and meticulous symmetry reminiscent of Anderson’s iconic cinematography. They capture the harmony of everyday life, where beauty emerges unexpectedly, and stories unfold within the intricacies of architecture, landscapes, and human interactions.

In my pursuit to emulate his aesthetics, I yearned to transcend mere imitation and delve into the realm of personal expression. While I drew inspiration from his distinctive style, I sought to infuse it with my own creative essence.

Life’s symphony is not limited to movie screens alone. It dances all around us, waiting to be captured and shared. And this is my humble attempt at sharing something that has probably an iota of cinematic splendor. May this collection serve as a testament to the power of inspiration, the beauty of personal interpretation, and the eternal pursuit of creative autonomy.

In the realm of golden hues and cyan dreams, I present to you a train engine that carries the weight of forgotten tales and timeless melodies. With colors that dance in harmony—golden, black, and red—we embark on a visual journey that echoes the spirit of Wes Anderson’s cinematic masterpieces. It has my classical long-exposure touch and subtle amber glow. A definite shift from the muted tones my landscapes generally follow. I couldn’t think of a better set to start this mini-series with.

In the second set, we unravel the hidden stories that lie within the tall buildings, quaint cafes, construction sites, and lonely lamp posts. Each frame offers a glimpse into the symphony of Bangalore’s urban soul—a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, chaos and serenity.

As the city pulses with life, we pause to admire the architectural marvels that reach for the sky, their elegant facades standing as testaments to human ingenuity. Amidst the hustle and bustle, we discover tranquil pockets of nature, where trees whisper ancient tales and gardens bloom with vibrant colors.

Drawing inspiration from Wes Anderson’s meticulous framing and color palettes, I sought to capture the playful essence of the city, weaving it with my own creative spirit. Each photograph becomes a canvas, where the beauty of Bangalore’s urban landscapes finds its voice, inviting contemplation and awe.

In this final act of our journey through the Wes Anderson-inspired world of abstraction, we dive into a metaphysical realm where shapes transcend their physical boundaries, inviting us to contemplate the profound nature of our own existence.

In this amalgamation of vibrant hues and elusive forms, we are reminded of the beauty that emerges when we dare to venture beyond the confines of the familiar. Like Wes Anderson himself, who explores unconventional narratives and aesthetics, these frames were made with the intention to break free from the shackles of certainty and delve into the depths of (our own) creative potential.

What do these frames evoke within you? Do they mirror fragments of your own journey, aspirations, or desires?

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