After being shattered by the loss of video footage during my Himalayan expedition, I gathered the wreckage of my feelings and turned it into a short film. It captures the essence of the expression – a traveler seeking solace in the mountains. Trying to find ways to reconnect with self, displaying grit and determination. And accepting that nothing erases the past. There is repentance, there is atonement, and there is forgiveness. That is all, but that is enough.

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Dear 2021

A quintessential bittersweet cocktail of pleasure and pain, 2021, was familiar, but in an unfamiliar guise. A year whose topography of the distantly approaching metaphorical bed of roses and thorns resolved with greater and greater clarity only when we walked in the room. What started as a possible phase of experiencing lighter shades after being in grey for a long time, turned out to be characterized by enveloping darkness drizzled with moments of delight.
We were astonished by all of the sensations fighting for room in our heads. We experienced a brutal thirst for air as our minds swayed slowly back down to the ground like a falling leaf. It’s true that we experienced terrible things but what’s most gratifying is that we didn’t drop ourselves into a still-life painting of memory because life had broken our heart. We rose in the face of adversity. And Dear 2021, is a celebration of that – a celebration of people who won, a celebration of people who lost and found new reasons to live despite the odds.

Somewhere In Between

Is life all about reaching the destination? Or is it about stopping along the way, enjoying the journey and finding peace ‘somwhere in between’? This film is an attempt to portray the feeling of being somewhere in between, how we eventually find a home, somewhere in between and also, to urge everyone to enjoy the little moments that happen somewhere in between.

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Dear 2020

In 2020, we all grew up, didn’t we? The start of a new millennium seemed like a great idea; well until it didn’t. From being dejected to having my work on the cover of a book, 2020 has been surely eventful for me.
Here’s my story of 2020 – finding perspective after months of unimaginable disorientation!

We don't talk enough

Our lives keep getting busier as we keep growing older. And at times, we are unable to make time for the people we once used to spend all our time with! This video is a subtle reminder to check in on those people.

Created as an ode to friendship – We don’t talk enough, is a montage of memories. A video purposed to keep the essence of the moments we share with our friends alive in our minds so that they don’t get lost in the mists of time.

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Reverie of a dreamer

Everyone loves something for nothing. For me, that something is storytelling. Over the years, I have used different mediums to tell my stories but my absolute favorites are photography and filmmaking. This year marks the completion of a decade since I started filming stuff. I had no idea what I’ll do with the footage and I just hoped that everything would eventually fall into place and make sense. I think this film is the answer.

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