August 2023

/blood orange

/blood orange August 18, 2023 When you close your eyes at night, what is the state of your mind? Do you go to sleep knowing you’ve done what you wanted to do today or do you plan on sleepwalking to get those steps in? Or is there no difference between the waking hours and these, because you are always half-asleep, doing things you automatically think you have to do? They say, “Don’t go to sleep one night. What you most […]

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/you’re not the only one

/you’re not the only one August 14, 2023 You haven’t always had it easy,You’re not the only one You think you’re on your own,You’re not the only one You grapple with doubt’s embrace,You’re not the only one You carry burdens deep within,You’re not the only one You’re uncertain where to begin,You’re not the only one You dance with shadows in the night,You’re not the only one You question if you truly belong,You’re not the only one You yearn for connections […]

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/in the middle

/in the middle August 10, 2023 He lifted his gaze and looked at the landscape one last time, that was and wasn’t his any longer. Everything was in splits — his heart, his mind, his mood — the sky. Should he be thankful for what it gave him, even though it was merely a monosyllable in his essay called Life? Or should he be mad, for it gave him hope and killed hope itself? Happy for the joy or dejected […]

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