June 2023

/it’s shortlived

/it’s shortlived June 26, 2023 Our capacity for happiness or contentment or gratification, we can fit inside a matchbox without taking out the matches. Life for us has been that way — a drive on a dark highway with an off-chance of a working lamppost that passes too quickly for it to illuminate our entire vehicle at any given point in time. It’s like when you are watching a fast-paced action sequence with the bad guys (plural, yes, ‘cause what’s […]

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/shades of green

/shades of green June 25, 2023 It is not often you get to see the sunrise-gold mountains at an elevation of ~2500 meters. It was my privilege to get a bright morning during my week-long stint near the Himalayas. Zephyrus was caressing the living beings ever so gently — combing my hair, lifting the leaves, and levitating the birds in the sky, all at once. The landscape looked at peace in its two-toned gown of jade-green and highlighter-yellow. It had […]

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/of parallels

/of parallels June 21, 2023 /of parallels In the tapestry of existence, there are threads that intertwine, weaving intricate patterns of meaning and connection. We are but wanderers, traversing parallel paths, sometimes unaware of the delicate synchronicity that binds us all. We journey through life, encountering countless souls along the way. Strangers whose lives intersect with ours, each carrying their own dreams, fears, and triumphs. We may never know the depths of their stories, yet there is a resonance, an […]

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/take me back to eden

/take me back to eden June 19, 2023 Nature has this humane attribute to teasing. If we are lucky enough it’d allow us to take a peak through a secret window to what Eden looks like. It disappears in an instant but boy does the mind-hurtling charm of Gaia first freezes the mind and then slowly releases it to hitherto unexperienced horizons of beauty. It was an early summer morning in Manali and I was sitting on the balcony of […]

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Random Musings

Random Musings /a man can only but dream July 21, 2023 /a man can only but dream July 21, 2023 Gloomy days, bland evenings, dark nights — what is an observer to do than wait for the ambient grey glow to fade and for once, the man-made luminous objects to light up the landscape in front of his eyes and the landscape of his soul. Even then the beauty is lost on him, after-effects of prolonged exposure to a binary […]

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