July 2023

/a man can only but dream

/a man can only but dream July 21, 2023 Gloomy days, bland evenings, dark nights — what is an observer to do than wait for the ambient grey glow to fade and for once, the man-made luminous objects to light up the landscape in front of his eyes and the landscape of his soul. Even then the beauty is lost on him, after-effects of prolonged exposure to a binary weather that hasn’t changed its state for days. It takes a […]

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/let your imagination run wild

/let your imagination run wild July 19, 2023 Please put me to bed, and turn down the light Photographs do more than redefine the stuff of ordinary experience (people, things, events, whatever we see—albeit differently, often inattentively—with natural vision) and add vast amounts of material that we never see at all. Reality as such is redefined—as an item for exhibition, as a record for scrutiny, as a target for surveillance. The photographic exploration and duplication of the world fragments continuities […]

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/it’s 3 AM

/it’s 3 AM July 17, 2023 Silent is the night with the amber glow of fluorescent lights. There is a low hum in the air — a constant droning of the wind’s night shift. The city is still, the trees in the forest are motionless, and the stars in the sky appear static. Has time taken a pause? You are alone with your thoughts and for once, they aren’t chaotic. None of them is fighting the other for the front […]

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/serendipitous surrealism v/s extremely efficient executions

/serendipitous surrealism v/s extremely efficient executions July 13, 2023 There is a hairline difference between serendipitous surrealism and extremely efficient executions. Surrealism has always courted accidents, welcomed the uninvited, flattered disorderly presences. What could be more surreal than an object which virtually produces itself, and with a minimum of effort? An object whose beauty, fantastic disclosures, emotional weight are likely to be further enhanced by any accidents that might befall it? But that’s the thing with extremely efficient executions — […]

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/it’s all I’ve ever known

/it’s all I’ve ever known July 11, 2023 Finding meaning — the never-ending quest of human existence, or is it? Some of us are so caught up in our drudgery that we rarely have the emotional and mental bandwidth to be spent on this chain of thought. While a few of us have already found the answer (is it 42?). Both these categories of people are the lucky ones. And then there are a select few, like me, like us […]

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/I spy

/I spy July 9, 2023 I spy a mountain veiled in mystery, Snow-capped peak kissed by ethereal light,A dance of sun and shadow, divine alchemy,Revealing secrets through shades of white. Sunlight filters through clouds’ gentle embrace,Illuminating this wintry landscape fair,Each ray a brushstroke, nature’s grace,Painting a tableau beyond compare. Shimmering snow, a radiant sheen,As sunlight caresses the frozen terrain,Yet shadows cast, a cryptic scene,A whispered tale the mountains retain. There we are, in the mossy shadows,Of this drama called life. […]

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/like clockwork

/like clockwork July 7, 2023 /like clockwork Human life or any organism’s life for that matter is characterized by an incessant flurry of events. Always moving, always breaking, always healing, always moving. It takes you to extremes but maintains just enough distance for you to not cross the realm of sanity by an overdose of ecstasy or despair. It always moves, it always leaves, in distances worth keeping. And it has this almost apocryphal attribute of throwing a curveball. You’d […]

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/serendipitous encounters

/serendipitous encounters July 5, 2023 How often do we find ourselves in a power struggle with fate? We, resolute humans, want to be in the driving seat, steering calmly in the direction we want our ship, life, to float. And most of the time we are successful. We’ll reserve the paradoxical discussion of what’s yours will find you and you have to go and get it else it’ll never happen, for another day. This is an account of the times […]

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/veiled revelations

/veiled revelations July 3, 2023 Zephyrus (the west wind) cradles Nephele (the god of clouds) as it sweeps through the valley of the Himalayan range, licking Gaia (mother Earth) with its icy caress. It neither moaned nor sighed, nor made any sound at all. It simply worked towards building a spectacle — whether it was for getting the eternal mother’s attention or a display of creativity to impress Chloris (the goddess of flowers) we shall never know. Nonetheless, it was […]

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