/veiled revelations

/veiled revelations

Zephyrus (the west wind) cradles Nephele (the god of clouds) as it sweeps through the valley of the Himalayan range, licking Gaia (mother Earth) with its icy caress. It neither moaned nor sighed, nor made any sound at all. It simply worked towards building a spectacle — whether it was for getting the eternal mother’s attention or a display of creativity to impress Chloris (the goddess of flowers) we shall never know. Nonetheless, it was a sight to behold.

Greens have never been turned into greys that were this bold and the presence of red, made it a sight to behold. This captivating dance of hide and seek in the ethereal realm of fog and mist uncovered beauty that would have never been found if not for this. It makes us think about the presence of uncertainties and surprises that interject our binary routine. It is through these momentary ensnarements that we see things in a new light — as if an obstruction is what we needed to get a new perspective.

The fog becomes a unifying source, and the misdirection, at times, gives a new direction. At least that’s what this sudden change of scenery on a misty morning in Manali did for me — a veiled revelation of a fresh perspective on a familiar landscape, both physical and psychological. How do they speak to you?

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