April 15, 2024
April 9, 2024

/maybe I can fly

/maybe I can fly April 9, 2024 For many centuries, humans have tried to fly just like the birds. Wings made of feathers or...

April 7, 2024

/of falling and flying

/of falling and flying April 7, 2024 You have been at it for so long. Incessantly cruising. Stopping for a quick glass of perspective...

April 5, 2024


/commonplace April 5, 2024 A broken streetlight. A ladder into water and void. A bridge to cross. What are these objects in our daily...

April 3, 2024

/the city of light? love?

/the city of light? love? April 3, 2024 Why is Paris called the City of Light? Two reasons. First, it was among the first...

April 1, 2024

/the blend

/the blend April 1, 2024 I have spoken about the architecture in Paris in my previous two posts at length. And going by this...

March 28, 2024


/negentropy March 28, 2024 If a city could be the quintessential objectification of the concept of negentropy, this would be it. The buildings—perfectly aligned....

March 26, 2024

/streets of Paris

/streets of Paris March 26, 2024 Put on a summer coat, slip into your broken-in shoes, queue the classic rock playlist, grip that camera...

March 24, 2024

/finding the ordinary

/finding the ordinary March 24, 2024 You are walking by that tall building on your way to work that you always do. The same...

March 23, 2024

/summer state of mind

/summer state of mind March 23, 2024 It was supposed to be autumn. The light was supposed to be dimmer. The sky bleaker, the...

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