/summer state of mind

/summer state of mind

It was supposed to be autumn. The light was supposed to be dimmer. The sky bleaker, the foliage yellower, orange, redder, browner, the daylight shorter, the temperature cooler, and animals, birds, and humans alike, preparing for the long, cold months ahead. It was supposed to drape the whole world in varying shades of black and gold.

But instead, it was pleasantly warm. The sky was colored in pastel blue. It was anything but lonely. The eagles, the pigeons, and the sparrows soared high. The airplanes crowded the sky. It was bright. It was hopeful. It had long spells of sun. It almost seemed like the proverbial summer fun. But a rumor of autumn freckled on the leaves of some trees. As if it is waiting just around the corner to surprise you but its metaphorical coat visible from behind the wall is giving it away.

As is with life. It’s hanging in balance with the scale having a mind of its own, ready to tip to one side. Things never really turn out the way you want them to be. Sometimes for the worst. And a few times for the better. But even when they do, there’s always a hint of something extraordinary that will tip it over to the other side soon enough. And the cycle repeats. The best way to navigate this is to experience life to the fullest in its present form and be excited for what’s to come just like inhaling the enchanted scent of promise that comes with all new books.

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