/streets of Paris

/streets of Paris

Put on a summer coat, slip into your broken-in shoes, queue the classic rock playlist, grip that camera tight, and take the #9 metro line. Route Citymapper to lead you down the street, turn the internet off, and take a walk, a photo walk.

Look at the intricacies of the Haussmann architecture—a network of wide, stately boulevards. Observe the cavalcade of enchanting apartments and their uniform facades that transformed the streetscape in the 19th century, making way for a more cohesive, unified city. On this exploratory voyage, you’ll notice that the buildings are marked by dormer windows and mansard roofs, which had to be angled at 45 degrees to allow the maximum amount of sunlight on the streets below. The town is covered in a yellow mist, which strokes the rooftops as if they were pets and fills up the streets like a bath.

And the asphalt running alongside these Parisian plazas complements the architecture like croissants and coffee. Now if you were to find a spot that you like and stay put, you’d witness beautifully timed moments, moments that time usually keeps for itself.

The city holds your heart.
It fills you with life.
It is enchanting.
It is Paris.

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