If a city could be the quintessential objectification of the concept of negentropy, this would be it. The buildings—perfectly aligned. The buildings next to the perfectly aligned buildings—straight like the arrow of Cupid. The street—impeccably arranged. The locality next to the impeccably arranged street—perfectly geometric. It’s like someone took Earth-sized geometrical instruments and chiseled the city.

Be it the historical Egyptian obelisk, the Grand Mosque of Paris, the 18th-century metal frame called the Eiffel Tower, or the latest addition to the grand Louvre Museum, the pyramid, symmetry is the name of the game. Asymmetry is present in just about anything but orchestrating an entire city to the beat of alignment is an extraordinary feat.

It’s the epitome of defiance that we at times call human will, that in life, everything gravitates to entropy and chaos, so we’ll build something that stands tall in the face of it and scream negentropy. Here’s my humble attempt to present honest visuals created at times half-squatting till my legs went to sleep and at times lying on the ground in weird poses. Hope this does the beauty I witnessed some justice and takes you there.

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