/let your imagination run wild

/let your imagination run wild

Please put me to bed, and turn down the light

Photographs do more than redefine the stuff of ordinary experience (people, things, events, whatever we see—albeit differently, often inattentively—with natural vision) and add vast amounts of material that we never see at all. Reality as such is redefined—as an item for exhibition, as a record for scrutiny, as a target for surveillance.

The photographic exploration and duplication of the world fragments continuities and feeds the pieces into an interminable dossier, thereby providing possibilities of control that could not even be dreamed of under the earlier system of recording information: writing. (Let’s keep painting aside for a bit) That photographic recording is always, potentially, a means of control and letting go within the realm of that control.

When you let your imagination run free while witnessing a scene and are open to experimentation and failure, you, at times, by a proverbial combination of merit and luck, come up with an experimental process that lets you express things the way you can’t via any other media. “Drifting long exposures” is something that mine led to. I won’t do injustice by trying to explain this piece but rather have you gaze into it and let it make you feel something.

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