/it’s 3 AM

/it’s 3 AM

Silent is the night with the amber glow of fluorescent lights. There is a low hum in the air — a constant droning of the wind’s night shift. The city is still, the trees in the forest are motionless, and the stars in the sky appear static. Has time taken a pause?

You are alone with your thoughts and for once, they aren’t chaotic. None of them is fighting the other for the front seat in your headspace. They all have lined up in parallel queues like children in schools for that morning prayer. Waiting patiently for their turn to be called centerstage.

The morning stars peer down at you like silver asters, glinting and shimmering. They look happy in their solar-silver isolation. The simpering wind carries a fragrance with it. It is spirit-refreshing to smell the mulchy mix of the forest’s perfume. You close all the tabs you have had open for ages in your head and take a deep breath.

It’s 3 AM and you are at the crossroads of existence, where the profound silence merges with the depths of your being. In this moment of stillness, you transcend the boundaries of time and space. You immerse yourself in the infinite cosmos within. Embracing the serenity of this nocturnal hour, you find solace, inspiration, and infinite possibilities that reside within you.

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