/it’s all I’ve ever known

/it’s all I’ve ever known

Finding meaning — the never-ending quest of human existence, or is it? Some of us are so caught up in our drudgery that we rarely have the emotional and mental bandwidth to be spent on this chain of thought. While a few of us have already found the answer (is it 42?). Both these categories of people are the lucky ones. And then there are a select few, like me, like us — the existential romanticizers — who think of this as not something that is discrete i.e. can be answered at a moment in time but as something continuous that has to be worked towards at every moment in time.

The agency varies, but the pursuit remains the same. We deploy various mechanisms to aid the deduction. For me, the most prominent is the photographic agency. And by that I mean the entire process of planning, picturing, posing, photographing, and presenting to my passionate people — you! It’s the involvement with the viewfinder, the concentration, and the discipline to frame and wait for the right moment to capture something breathtaking, like the ones in this carousel, that is how I give meaning to the world.

I was supposed to depart on a journey to refuel my tank of wonder and imagination but the weather gods had other plans. Finding meaning through visual iterations independent of intentions is all I’ve ever known. I don’t exactly know what I’ll substitute this with but currently, I am filling the void by employing an agency I am still learning the ropes of — writing. Maybe this would help me find the questions if not the answers I am looking for.

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