/I spy

/I spy

I spy a mountain veiled in mystery,
Snow-capped peak kissed by ethereal light,
A dance of sun and shadow, divine alchemy,
Revealing secrets through shades of white.

Sunlight filters through clouds’ gentle embrace,
Illuminating this wintry landscape fair,
Each ray a brushstroke, nature’s grace,
Painting a tableau beyond compare.

Shimmering snow, a radiant sheen,
As sunlight caresses the frozen terrain,
Yet shadows cast, a cryptic scene,
A whispered tale the mountains retain.

There we are, in the mossy shadows,
Of this drama called life. Chasing happiness being pursued by desolation,
Oh, how hard do we strive?

I spy a mountain, a canvas of pearls,
I stand in awe and contemplate.
The interplay of sunlight and shade,
In this sublime moment, how our destinies await.


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