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/of parallels

/of parallels

In the tapestry of existence, there are threads that intertwine, weaving intricate patterns of meaning and connection. We are but wanderers, traversing parallel paths, sometimes unaware of the delicate synchronicity that binds us all. We journey through life, encountering countless souls along the way. Strangers whose lives intersect with ours, each carrying their own dreams, fears, and triumphs. We may never know the depths of their stories, yet there is a resonance, an inexplicable familiarity that unites us.

Do you ever wonder about the parallels that exist between us? The uncanny moments of connection when our lives mirror one another? As if the universe conspires to whisper, “You are not alone.” Perhaps it is in those instances that we glimpse the grand tapestry of humanity, intricately woven with invisible threads of shared experience. There are moments when the echoes of our lives reverberate through time and space. A symphony of parallel lives playing in unison, each note contributing to the harmonious whole. We are interconnected, bound by the delicate balance of existence, standing as reflections of one another.

If you look closely, the signs are all around you. The pylons, the angled mountain slopes, and the coexistence of urban and nature—running in practical parallels, hiding in plain sight, available at a moment’s notice of dedicated seeing, for you to understand the complex dance of possibilities, the ripples in the fabric of reality. Ending this musing by quoting Haruki Murakami

Certain things have a way of catching your eye, and paralleling your soul. They have a way of making you pause, as if you were looking into a mirror, reflecting back fragments of your own being.

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