/shades of green

/shades of green

It is not often you get to see the sunrise-gold mountains at an elevation of ~2500 meters. It was my privilege to get a bright morning during my week-long stint near the Himalayas. Zephyrus was caressing the living beings ever so gently — combing my hair, lifting the leaves, and levitating the birds in the sky, all at once. The landscape looked at peace in its two-toned gown of jade-green and highlighter-yellow.

It had been 3 days since I arrived there and not once did I get a chance to encounter the entire stretch of the mountain range. That made the revealing of this thick and lush foliage all the more fairytale-like. The magnificence coupled with the soft light glow was a sight to behold. I tried framing the entire landscape in one frame but its expanse was simply too large to fit by any focal length while doing justice to its grandeur.

Hence, I resorted to making a panorama. This image is a vertical panorama of 4 shots — each a thin slice of civilization, nature, its organisms, and the invisible gods amongst us.

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