/a different kind of beautiful

/a different kind of beautiful

You’re a different kind of enigma,
A symphony of glass and stone.
In every arch and iron gate,
A mystery, an unspoken fate.

Amongst the arches where shadows play,
In this architectural ballet.
You’re the kind that sparks a fear,
A love that draws me near.

In the city’s heart where echoes ring,
A kind of beauty, silent and serene.
Gothic spires and modern dreams,
Each structure whispers tales, or so it seems.

In the cobblestone streets of old,
A different kind of tale to be told.
Architectural wonders stand so tall,
A beauty that makes my heart enthrall.

You’re a different kind of beautiful,
The kind that makes me scared.
The kind that makes me turn around and act like I’m not there
The kind that takes my breath away and leaves me without air
Maybe I’m delusional
You’re just that kind of beautiful.

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