/an evening in Brussels

/an evening in Brussels

Day walking tours are usually considered the best way to explore a city—one can marvel at the beauty of the surroundings in proper light is one of the many reasons. But taking a walk in Brussels in the evening will change your mind. Not only is the city bathed in the classic yellow tones that are ever-so-pleasing to the human eyes, but you get to see it in, quite literally, new light.

Take this beautiful building for example. In the heart of Brussels (aka – City Centre near de Brouckere and the Bourse and only 200m from the Grand Place) is Drug Opera, a restaurant named after the fact that it used to be a pharmacy (aka Drugstore) and that it is in close proximity to the La Monnaie Operahouse. Pass it through the day and it’s a nice building. Pass it at night, you are bound to stop and stare. That glow sign, it’s animated.

Even in the streets, long after the autumn sun has retired for its refueling pit stop just under the visible horizon, the city’s serenity is palpable. The thing about cliches is that they are so apt for certain situations that it is cliche. And I can’t escape using one now. Night walking in a new town, especially the European town of Brussels, is a vibe.

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