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/and again

//and again

The three chief media I use to materialize my art are frames, films, and fiction. Whatever experience I am grateful to have, whatever sight I am blessed to observe, whatever peculiarities I am lucky to observe, I always try to represent through these art forms and not only that but also sew a thread across media. For example, The frames I make pave the way for the film I’d create and both of them are bound by the fiction I’d conjure.

That isn’t the greatest approach, but that’s how I function. And writing these random musings to accompany every frame of the photo series is a part of that process. Processes or routines usually follow a fixed lifecycle—an ecstatic start, when you are all fired up to conquer the world; followed by a boring middle, when it starts to feel like what even are you doing; followed by bargaining, with yourself that you really don’t need to do is that consistently; followed by denial when you start skipping the thing that once gave you all the pleasure in the world; followed by the death of the routine activity.

I dance a lot between the lines of Phase 1 and Phase 2. I think all artists do. And up until a few years back, I sometimes reached Phase 4. I have improved since then. The mantra that helped me was: “Talent and potential mean nothing if you can’t consistently do the boring things when you don’t feel like doing them.” Since I was on a downward slope of phase 1, I thought let me share what I’ve learnt. Maybe it’ll help someone, maybe it’ll help me.

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