/asphalt and golden poppy

/asphalt and golden poppy

Yes, asphalt and golden poppy because black-and-gold is hackneyed enough. Or because grey is the closest symbol of routine life and the golden poppy is as close as we get to, dare I say, representing happiness? But that’s not the topic here. I digress. There’s something about this color combination that goes beyond platitudinousness.

Is it just the right amount of eye-catching color?

Is it because they create a striking contrast when paired together? The deep, rich black provides a solid and timeless base, while gold adds a touch of opulence and luxury.

Is it because black tones down the right amount of vibrancy of gold, to make it a glamorous symbol of prosperity we humans love and adore it for?

Is it because gold shines brightly so that the timelessness of black can be aptly appreciated?

Does the gold break the monotony or does the black bring the rhythm?

Does black owe its class to gold or does gold owe its luxury to black?

Maybe it’s this metaphorical dichotomy that makes this combination psychologically pleasing.

Or maybe I’m just a romanticizer who finds it hard to accept things at their face value and always scours the trenches of metaphor with hopes of discovering a deeper philosophical meaning, and it is just a pretty color combination.

What do you think it is?

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