/black is the color of my true love

/black is the color of my true love

Noir is often confused with black and white. There are a lot of subtle differences between both shooting styles but the one that I find the most easy to understand is that noir sports a low-key black-and-white theme. Although ‘Noir’ is a French word meaning black.

I don’t know if monochrome-neo-noir can be considered a style on its own but that’s how I see the world through my rectangular box. Making these images is an experience. These feel to me to be more tactful, more decorous than color, or simple black-and-white — or less voyeuristic and less sentimental or crudely lifelike.

I have kept these images hidden beneath the cover of their more vibrant, colorful counterparts. It seemed like the preference of the masses, the demand of popular taste. But with this particular image, shot in this mode, I felt compelled to let it stand alone.

It possesses an element of gravity, an intangible weight that is as invisibly visible as the breath we draw. In its monochromatic allure, it tells a story that transcends color. It’s a tale of shadows and light, of secrets lurking in plain sight, and of emotions that resonate with the soul.

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