/dawn is coming open your eyes

/dawn is coming open your eyes

In the deep darkness of a moonless night, your thoughts, the ones you had locked in the equally dark corner of your mind come leaking out. As if the neverending nocturne has given them permission to break free.

Your physical self jolts into activity and your limbs search for water near you. You lift the rectangular device everyone seems to be a slave of nowadays. The LEDs light up together to form the number 4 followed by a colon and two zeroes. You have forced the thoughts back to purgatory and you are left empty with nothing but dreams — dreams you can design, dreams you can drive, dreams worthy of destiny.

You step outside and look towards the natural lightbox – the sky. You spot Helios starting his journey. The northern winds seem to be carrying a hum. You sit on the grass, listening to it as golden beams slant in through the trees and fall on your sleepy, bed-haired face.

quote :
There’s a rhythm and rush these days
Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade
Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams
In a world gone shallow
In a world gone lean
But there is a truth and it’s on our side
Dawn is coming open your eyes
Look into the sun as the new days rise
: unquote, stay alive, Jose Gonsalez

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