/everything is blue

/everything is blue

The vibrant show of lively pink and purple was over. The streaks were gone and the wind in the sky was mopping up the confetti clouds that remained after the celebratory show of light and colors. There was an eerie calm given that moments ago there were all kinds of sounds of humans and birds to Earth. The only sounds were the huffing of wind and the mumbled conversations of human in the distance making their way to the bus stop.

He had taken his eyes off the infinite-tranquil landscape, turned off the timelapse, folded his tripod, and was the last one to bid adieu to the pier. You could tell by his economy of motion that his head and the skeleton it drives were in different realities. It was a featureless terrain, a place with a harsh and stark beauty—both the landscape in front of him and the one where his mind was.

As if to synchronize both realities, the sky took over curious shades of blue. Everyone had left and it was his private attendance that the moment demanded, or chose to present in front of. Who can tell? The coloring of the scene mirroring the state of mind which was represented by his shade of jeans and the alignment of elements in it, made him wonder if what he was photographing represented the yearning for order, or the surrender to chaos.

Created on an evening colored in colors at Zaanse Schans during the blue hour.

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