/fire in the sky

/fire in the sky

The canvas painted by a setting sun can be Astounding. Adorable. Awe-inspiring. Avant-garde. Amaranthine. Angelic. And that’s only the A’s. Windswept water droplets stuck to the dust floating in the air create streaks so artsy that it’d give the biggest painters a run for their money. Outshining the remnant shades of blackened azure, the slices of the orange spectrum make the sky glow like fire.

It’s one of those surreal moments where you get the illusion of time slowing down. As if Kronos itself is marveling at the swan song of Helios. Everything is in harmony—the wind in your hair, the beating of your heart, the blinking of your eyes, the rhythm of your breath, the passing of time—playing to a beat.

The Uetliberg lookout tower in autumn gives you exactly that. Climbing 236 feet over a 2850-foot mountain lets you witness unparalleled beauty—an experience, if possible and within means, one should definitely have once in a lifetime.

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