/hauntingly beautiful

/hauntingly beautiful

What is often considered an oxymoron, is actually an adverb-adjective combination employed to express the feeling of encountering something remarkable. Something that resonates. Something that reverberates. Haunting relates to having qualities that linger in the memory: not easily forgotten. And beauty, what can I say of it when it is the crown jewel of the prose and poems of the greats? In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Beauty is God’s handwriting.”

So when you are standing on a bridge on top of a lake and the sound of distant thunder and the sight of thick objects of dust and vapor send signals through your mind to take shelter but your mind is mesmerized by the sight and wants you to stay, stay for a while, that’s the moment deserving to be labeled, hauntingly beautiful.

I was instructed by my heart to sit tight, observe, and make these photos on 2 occasions during my Western Europe trip. One was on a purple evening in the Minnewater Bridge in Bruges, Belgium and the other was on a deep blue dusk in Paris, France.

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