/katarniya and the sun

/katarniya and the sun

Sunsets, am I right? How many times have you spotted one lurking around? Right across the road as you walk bathing you in the evening glow, going behind the house in front of yours as if playing a very long game of hide and seek, in the rearview mirror making you feel your emotions closer as they are usually further away.

It makes the normal everyday world around you, dystopian. It unlocks something inside you. It speaks to the parts of your brain you don’t usually tap into. It triggers something unknown. It is a unique moment no matter how many times it has passed. And sometimes at special moments like that, you feel a pain alongside your happiness. It makes you watch everything so carefully even for ever-so-slight a moment.

I suppose I don’t really know what I’m talking about. And I suppose that I’m not supposed to. Glory, superstitious dominance, elegant grace, dystopian charm, polarizing fervor — no matter how you try to define the characteristics of the orange orb — I suppose it’d always be something deeper. So, let it mean whatever it means for you, and soak in the beauty of the setting sun.

The title might or might not have to do with the fact that I am writing this right after completing ‘Klara and the Sun’ and my mind has its trippy unlocked.

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