/meet me here at the edge of the Earth

/meet me here at the edge of the Earth

Distant horizon lines have always sparked something inside me. Be it a calm shoreline, the curvy line in the sandy desert, the Tetris-like cityscape, or a jagged mountain range. There’s a ballet of emotions at play. Pair that with the breaking of the dawn or the sleep routine of our primary source of Vitamin D, and you have yourself a sight that walks the tightrope of reality and surrealism.

The juxtaposing scale of the gigantic wide-open sky and the microscopic elements like mountains prompts you to take a sip from the glass of perspective. The sheer scale of the observable field unlocks a deluge of sentiments.

You feel small. You feel you could fly.
You feel like a cosmic speck of dust. You feel you are infinite.
The hope outweighs all your sorrow. And the vast open sky shows them all what you could be.

Compensating for my lack of vocabulary here are some frames by me and lines by Switchfoot to do justice to this idea. What does standing at the edge of the Earth make you feel?

“Over distant oceans
The fallen mountains
The great wide open of the desert sky
And where I’ll be is where you find me
Meet me here at the edge of the earth”

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