/of castles

/of castles

From a very young age, we are besotted with expansive mansions featuring tall triangular towers set in the backdrop of a lake with a veil of trees hiding the landscape just enough to be inviting and not hinder the majestic built structure we all often call castles.

Blame Disney’s logo or Harry Potter, or whatever is the rendition of the idea for Gen-Z, castles hold a dear spot in all our hearts—kids and adults alike. Be it the sempiternal happiness of the youth or the unassailable existentialism of the adults, castles find their way into the vocabulary of expression. Castles in the Air by Don McLean, Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix, Castle of Glass by Linkin Park, need I say more?

Naturally, when this human, filled with the monomania of huge historic stone buildings with pointed tops, encountered the castle tucked behind the Minnewater Lake, he ran to it. Stood on the bridge and made exposures at three different points in time as if trying to compensate for the lack of something he didn’t know was missing from his repertoire of frames or maybe he was interpreting the imaginations of his childhood and adulthood via the agency of photography.

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