/smells like a slow afternoon

/smells like a slow afternoon

Don’t you have days when you watch the long slow waves caress the corners of the ocean, and wait and wait for the nothing that you know is about to happen? As the time comes for it not to happen, it duly doesn’t happen, and so the afternoon wears itself away and the sun drops beneath the long line of the horizon, and the day is gone.

And don’t get me wrong, the nothingness does not mean emptiness. The day is filled with an existential emptiness characterized by mortal pleasures. Be it a beatifically floating canal boat ride, sitting on a lawn cloth watching seagulls nibble the leftovers from your casserole, or walking on the shoreline with your favorite companion (pet/human/soul). The day isn’t absent, it just has a stolid presence.

Do you or is it just me?

These frames were made on one such day in Giethoorn.

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