/standing tall

/standing tall

We are capable of many things in all directions, of great virtues and great sins. And we are great at withstanding—the allure of the black water that germinates evil, the pressure that turns the coal-like human soul into a diamond, and everything in between. The human spirit is a powerhouse that keeps on going.

We are simple creatures yet an enigma constantly oscillating between the philosophical poles of ‘nothing exists but atom and void’ and ‘everything is a metaphor’. Beauty empowers us and yet is lost on us. Our creation, our art is often modeled according to both these streams of thought, but sometimes, ever so beautifully, it is suspended in limbo in between these two realities—if there exists such a physical or philosophical space.

Walking through the streets of Amsterdam unlocked this chain of thought in my head. The streets installed with monuments and pieces of modern architecture—can be seen as a personification of the often humbly represented human will. Standing tall. There are people everywhere around them, but one could be as alone if it were empty, as the insides of some of the buildings are. Hauntingly beautiful.

Ignore the musing and relish the frames if this feels too abstract. I’m rambling.

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