/stuck in a dream

/stuck in a dream

Across the deep blue sky, the sparks from the sun’s chariot burn the streaks of clouds resulting in a unique version of the teal and orange color palette. The mist as if trying to escape the fire, takes cover between the jagged mountains and the green hills. The photons mirror what’s right above them creating a gradient. The intensity of the yellow ball orbiting the Earth is mild enough not to wash the sky orange yet strong enough to spotlight the valley of civilization nestled in the olive pockets of autumn forests.

You have stopped looking for what’s familiar. Instead, your vision is scanning the rapidly changing new horizon inch by inch. Wherever you look the scene is begging against all reality. As a traveler to a foreign landscape, you wonder whether it is as rare as a desert snowfall or as regular as a metronome. There’s no way to explain all the things you feel. It feels weird just like it’s not real.

If it were not for the droning of an airplane you wouldn’t know if you were walking down the path to the edge of falling or if you were stuck in a dream.

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