Sublimity, you know what that is? It’s the instant when one thing is about to become something else. Day to night. Caterpillar to butterfly. Fawn to doe. Seed to sprout. Liquid to gas. Experiment to result. Boy to man. Clay to pottery. Sandcastle to waves. Moment to memory. Memory to nostalgia. Nostalgia to tears.

It’s in the physical and the metaphysical. It’s all the light we can and cannot see. It’s momentary. It’s transient. It’s beautiful. And most of us, most of the time, see it in hindsight. But there’s something exemplary about these ephemeral sights that makes the experience esoteric. Few of us who decide to stay at the spot and observe how fast the light changes, are the living, breathing manuscript of this concept.

Most of us, including me, have a hard time putting the deluge of emotions experienced into comprehensible sentences that do justice to the stature of the moment witnessed, so, I resort to photography. Maybe this transports you into the scene and as you slide through the carousel, you get to experience the sublimity.

Created over almost 2 hours standing right above the Mont des Arts garden in Brussels, grooving to the classic rock tunes being blasted by a counter selling coffee and cookies.

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