/take a walk with me

/take a walk with me

to the streets of Belgium— a country that wears the atmosphere like us mortals wear our khakis: with relaxed confidence.

Pastel colors – check
Textured clouds – check
Aesthetic mix of R, G, B – check
Shades of blue as in a child’s painting, mysterious yet pure – check
Soft amber sunlight illuminating the symbiotic existence of nature and man- check

It’s as if the untrammeled beauty took precedence over everything but oxygen.

Photo-walking through the cobblestone heritage of Brussels and Bruges taught me the syntax of modesty within the bounds of retro glamour. Everything around the towns glinted and glittered, gleamed, and glimmered with a gorgeous gaudy golden glow. The interplay of light and shadows was such that it made for drama and at the same time didn’t obscure the viewer from the details in the darker shades of grey.

The further you walk, the more nostalgic the setting gets.
The more you look, the more you find.
Gothic and neo-classical architecture intertwined.
Oh, what a breathtaking sight.

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