/villages of Switzerland

/villages of Switzerland

The clear blue sky is stretched in the background with small chunks of snow-white soft clouds drizzled all over. The tall mountains stand right in front of it with their summits colored in fairy dust white and their feet decorated by green trees. Oh, what can I say about the greens? Eden-green, Amazon-green, jasper-green, pea-green, sap-green, foliage-green, storybook-green, wonderland-green, and paradise-green are just a few shades of the many that the vegetation of the area paints itself with.

Then there are man-made enclosures. Quaint huts, vintage buildings, railroads, and everything in between. They co-exist with nature symbiotically. You look to your left, there’s a boat floating in the shallow water. You look to your right, a train is racing past. You look in front of you, time has held its breath. It’s everything and nothing at the same time. You realize that your breathing has slowed down. Something from deep inside of you has come out. And you are in the moment. Living—in the moment.

That’s the beauty the villages of Switzerland hold. And the best way to experience them is to slow down and look around. There’s something refreshing about the experience. Made during a 2-day road trip across Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, Interlaken, Spiez, and Brienz in Switzerland.

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